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Join Ontarians standing up for patients and the small businesses providing critical healthcare services.

Call on the Ontario Government to maintain funding for CPAP devices and remind them that all Ontarians deserve fair costs and equitable access to healthcare.


The Ontario Government is threatening healthcare access for respiratory patients at a dangerous time: during a pandemic when Ontarians are battling a deadly respiratory virus. That’s not right. Send a letter today to tell your MPP you won’t stand for cuts to healthcare access.

Keeping Costs Low for Patients

Proposed cuts to funding will raise costs for current and future respiratory patients and make CPAP devices unaffordable for many Ontarians. As clinics close, patients will lose out on critical respiratory services.

Protecting Respiratory Health During a Pandemic

The Ontario Government is threatening access to respiratory health services while Ontarians battle a deadly respiratory virus. Equitable, reliable access to healthcare has never been more important.

Protecting Small Businesses

Smaller providers will not be able to withstand funding changes and it’s unlikely larger providers will be able to step in to fill the gaps in small towns where local providers have been forced to close.

Keeping Access in Rural Communities

Rural communities who rely on smaller, local clinics and main street businesses for equitable access will lose services if providers are forced to close their doors, resulting in uneven access to care across the province.
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